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Incubation Club

About InCube

InCube is an entrepreneurship cell of NDIM which is a student driven network which promotes the concept of entrepreneurship amongst students and provides them with the required mentoring and support to startup their own ventures.

 Our Objective

  • Educate andpotential and early stage entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs in enabling networks of peers, mentors, incubators, funding and business services
  • Coordinate andentrepreneurs through Entrepreneurship Hubs(E-Hubs)
  • Catalyze a cultureto support aspiring entrepreneurs

 Purpose of the Club

The Incubator would also help students meet all the right people for networking, mentoring and financial help and support to start up their own ventures. InCube would bring mentors to students that would guide them through various stages of entrepreneurship. The students of InCube would also participate in various intercollege activities to develop their business and strategic thinking skills.

 Events/Activities of Club

  • InCube would organize at least 4 events in a year (2 in each semester). These events could range from activities such as a B-Plan Competition, a Prototype Contest, an Inter College Startup War etc.
  • These events would be competitive in nature and would boost the spirit of entrepreneurship and raise the knowledge as well as awareness on the concept.
  • Incube would also have at least 2 industry interactions where the students would get to meet successful entrepreneurs that would inspire them with their success stories as well as address to their starting problems.
  • InCube would celebrate the National Level E-Week organized by Wadhwani Foundation as well as compete in its various events.
  • InCube would also regularly organize consortium of various stakeholders that can help students get started with their own ventures.
  • InCube cell will organise activities notified under PM Yuva yojana from time to time.


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