PGDM Programme in Delhi / NCR

    Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

    The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a 2-year, Full Time course that is Approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. The Programme provides in-depth understanding of key functional areas of Business and nurtures overall personality and Managerial excellence. Operating on fundamentals that built the best business schools in the country, the program focuses on integrated development of individual and collective spirit, to enable the students in effectively adapting to the realities of the corporate world and proactively responding to the challenges arising in the globally changing environment. This course at NDIM was also granted MBA equivalence from AICTE in 2008 and Accreditation by ASIC, UK since 2014.

    The PGDM students at NDIM have the unique advantage of Graduating with a Dual Specialization, which multiples their career opportunities manifold. The two-year course comprises of four semesters. The first semester focuses purely on building a solid foundation in all areas of business management. The second semester has a mix of core (fundamental) papers as well as an introduction into the chosen specialization areas. The last two semesters completely focus on Specialization and Integration with global developments in different areas of management. In between the semester breaks, the students also pursue a summer internship, winter internship as well as live projects with the Industry.

    The 2 years at NDIM are meant to evolve the students in every possible way; be it self-development, nurturing managerial and leadership potential, personality grooming, negotiation skills, public speaking, entrepreneurship, family businesses, functional specialization skills, cultural or artistic growth – the aim is of inculcating the spirit and skills essential for overall success.

    High powered Board of Directors and Advisory Council of NDIM provide a permanent platform for networking and interaction of students with the who’s who of India in every field. Such interactions are a unique and rare opportunity for learning beyond the Class-room. NDIM regularly sends its students and faculty members to attend various National and International events hosted by all the Business Chambers and International Organizations. This exposure helps them understand and relate to global perspectives and apply them to the classroom learning.

    Highly Experienced, Corporate Networked and ‘Hands-on’ Faculty at NDIM has extensive corporate linkages, regularly provides corporate trainings, management development programmes, consultancies and sponsored research projects. This experience helps the faculty keep in touch with the Industry and teach the latest business trends in the class-room. Additionally, the teaching is also supplemented by Guest lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, simulation exercises with the Industry specialists. Several modules are being fully taught by the recruiters at the campus.

    To keep pace with the fast-changing economic scenario at national and global levels, the curriculum in every discipline is continuously reviewed and revised. Every year the experienced faculty re-visits the entire curriculum in consultation with top professionals of Industry and renowned Academicians and keeps it updated to incorporate recent emerging trends, best practices and overall requirements of the corporate world. NDIM has a highly experienced Academic Advisory Council drawn from top global universities and corporate houses who ensure the curriculum is top-notch.

    Besides the defined curriculum of the four semesters, NDIM students are constantly offered additional non-credit modules at no extra cost on futuristic skills like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Google and Web Analytics, Stock Exchanges, Derivatives, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Start-Ups.

    All NDIM students also undergo continuous corporate skilling and grooming from day one with dedicated senior corporate trainers, most decorated defense personnel, ambassadors and recruiters to ensure they excel interviews not only in academics but also on the requisite corporate skills & business etiquettes.

    Apply for PGDM (MBA) 2020-22 (25th) Batch

    Course Structure

    New Delhi Institute of Management – Batch 2019-21
    Course CodeCourse Title
    C101Principles and Practices of Management
    C102Managerial Economics
    C103Business Statistics
    C104Accounting for Managers
    C105Marketing Management
    C106Organisational Behavior
    C107Corporate Skills Development
    C108AEmerging Technologies for Managerial Excellence
    C108BData Analytics for Business Excellence
    C108CIntroduction to Business Analytics
    C108DIntroduction to Digital Marketing
    C109Corporate Social Responsibility
    C110Business Analysis & Applications
    C111Emerging Global Business Trends
    C112Global Business Communication - I
    C113Comprehensive Company Based Research Project - I
    C114Foreign Language(Japanese)
    C201Human Resource Management
    C202Financial Management/Corporate Finance
    C203Business Research Methods
    C204Information System & Technologies (MIS & Tableau)
    C205Macro Economic Environment of Business (Indian Economy and Policy & Business Environment)
    C206Application of Digital Technology in Functional Area (MarTech/FinTech/HRTech)
    C207Corporate Skills Development-II
    C208Business Analysis & Applications
    C209Practical Exposure on CSR
    C210Global Buisiness Communication - II
    C211Comprehensive Company Based Research Project - II
    C212Foreign Language (Optional)(French/Japanese)
    C301Data Visualisation through Power BI
    C302Production and Operations Management
    C303Strategic Business Management & Analysis
    C304Campus to Corporate
    C305Business Analysis & Applications
    C306Foreign Language (Optional)(French/Japanese)
    C401Business Ethics
    C402Entrepreneurship & Project Management
    C403Global Business Management
    C404Legal Aspects of Business
    SUMMER INTERNSHIP(8 weeks x 8 hrs x 5 days)
    Specialization Papers in Semester -II (4 papers of 3 credits Splzn-I)
    Specialization papers in Semester -II (3 papers of 3 credits Splzn-II)
    Specialization Papers in Semester -III (2 papers of 3 credits Splzn-I)
    Specialization Papers in Semester -III (3 papers of 3 credits Splzn-II)
    Specialization Papers in Semester -IV:
    Option 1: (2 papers of 3 credits each Splzn-1 and 2 papers of 3 credits each Splzn-2)
    Option 2: (12 Weeks of Entrepreneurship/Family Business Experience and Final Report)
    Option 3: (12 Weeks of Industry/Corporate Internship and Final Internship Report)
    Option 4:
    a) 1 paper of 3 credits from each Splzn-1 and 1 paper of 3 credits each from Splzn-2
    b) 4 Weeks Internship and Final Internship Report 3 credits
    c) Corporate Mentoring Progremme 2 credits + International Immersion 1.5 credit
    Media specialization opted
    List of Specialization courses
    1Specialization on Human Resources Management (3 credit each course)
    HR01Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention of Employees
    HR02Performance Management
    HR03Strategic Cross Cultural and Global Management
    HR04Compensation & Rewards Management
    HR05Employee Relations & Labour Legislations
    HR06Organizational Developments & Change
    HR07HR Analytics
    HR08Advanced HR Metrics
    HR09International HRM
    2Specialization on Marketing (3 credit each course)
    MM01Integrated Marketing Communication & Brand Promotion
    MM02Sales & Distribution Management
    MM03Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing
    MM04Marketing of Services
    MM05Consumer Behaviour and Strategic Brand Management
    MM06International Marketing
    MM07Retail Management
    MM08Marketing to the base of the pyramid customers
    MM09Business to Business Marketing
    3Specialization on Finance (3 credit each course)
    FM01Principles of Banking & Insurance
    FM02Financial Markets & Services
    FM03International Financial Management
    FM04Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
    FM05Financial Risk Management
    FM06Merchant Banking & Corporate Restructuring
    FM08Behavioural Finance
    FM09Project Finance
    4Specialization on International Business Management (3 credit each course)
    IB01Export-Import Procedures & Documentation
    IB02International Business Negotiation & Managing Cross Cultural Diversity
    IB03Foreign Exchange Management
    IB04International Business Strategy
    IB05Risk & Insurance in International Trade
    IB06International Marketing Logistics
    IB07International Economics
    IB08International Marketing Management
    5Specialization on Production & Supply Chain Management (3 credit each course)
    POM01Operations Research Applications
    POM02Supply Chain Management
    POM03Service Operations Management
    POM04Warehousing Inventory Management
    POM05Total Quality Management
    POM06Productivity & Performance Management
    POM07Operations Strategy
    POM08Sourcing Management
    6Specialization on Digital Marketing (3 credit each course)
    DGM01PPC Campaigns
    DGM02Advanced Digital & Social Media Concepts
    DGM03Social Media Marketing & Microblogging
    DGM04Content Marketing and Blogging
    DGM05Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    DGM06Website Analysis, SEO & Google Analytics
    DGM07Digital and Social-Media Strategies
    DGM08Website UI/UX and E-commerce Marketing
    7Specialization on Business Analytics (3 credit each course)
    BA01Data Analytics using R
    BA02 Data base Management system using SQLite
    BA03Programming skills in Python
    BA04 Machine Learning using R and Rapidminer 
    BA05Advanced DBMS using SAS
    BA06Data Analytics with Python
    BA07Advanced Data Visualization using Tableau
    BA08 Big Data Analytics using Hadoop

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