Suresh Thawani
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Suresh Thawani

Corporate Mentor

Executive Coach Full Circle

B.Tech (H) in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, he has 41 years of experience in Tata Steel and its group companies in cross functional roles and 12 years as Managing Director/ Chief Executive Offcer. He is a Certifed Executive Coach for CEO/CXO Coaching.

Full circle has been started in partnership between Mrs. Sunita Thawani & Suresh Thawani withobjectives of (I) getting women back in work after break (ii) educating organisations on provisionsof Sexual harassment act (iii) promote gender diversity in the organisations (iv) Executive Coaching(v) Undertake implementation of Employee Engagement in the organization.

During our meeting with our mentor Mr. Thawani, he gave his brief introduction about his educational qualifcations and job experiences. He told us that to succeed in life we should always take help of others and even help others to achieve their goal. He shared two theories about how to live life : one was relating to the wheel. He told us that the invention of wheel was one of the greatest invention as wheel teaches us to move forward in life with the help of others and the second theory was about the rock that breaks from the mountain and falls in the Gangotri river. The journey of some rock ends very soon whereas some rock floats far away in the end they are worshiped by people in the name of God. So from the theory we learnt that one should not give up in their life at any moment and should perform each and every work with more energy and enthusiasm. He asked us to write down daily task in a diary and complete it within the same day and not extend it to next day as this will help us to save time to do other work.

Mentees: Anjan Kalita, Arminder Singh, Rishu, Shivam Aggarwal

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