Sunita Thawani
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Sunita Thawani

Corporate Mentor

Founder & CEO Full Circle

Ms. Thawani is an accomplished professional with extensive senior leadership and Boardroom experience. She has 25 years of rich legal experience with the Tata Group.

Her professional journey started with Supreme Court but came to a halt within a year after marriage due to relocation. In spite of a 12 years break during which she was a housewife and raised two children, she made a successful come back with Tata Steel for a second career. In her last ten years of service, she headed the legal dept of JUSCO, a Tata Enterprise & 100% a subsidiary of Tata Steel.

Her passion & dream to create women leaders has led to the creation of “FULL CIRCLE

Our Corporate mentor, Ms. Sunita Thawani, insisted on adding details that our resume didn’t already cover like what we love, what drives us to be living and also why we choose what we choose as our specialization. Her passions ranged from traveling to music and that’s when she told us that having a passion that drives us is important. She also told us about her journey from a lawyer to a housewife and back to a corporate career after a long break. That was when she advised us to be always open to new opportunities as we wouldn’t know where it will land us. Also to ask as many questions as possible, as not only it will open our horizon to newer things but they will keep us intrigued about life. She told us about her own mentor and the role she played in her life. She started Full Circle after her retirement, which was her dream to work for ‘Gender equality’ in the workspace. She also mentioned her upcoming event on Stereotype for men in order to understand how youth feels about topics and events like these.

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