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Study Aboard Progarm

NDIM offers its students Study Abroad Programmes also. Students can choose to study in international universities for a specified timeline. The students learn directly from the foreign faculty of the University they are visiting, attend classroom lectures, visit the corporate in that country to interact with the corporate executives and also, enjoy through various recreational activities.

The Program is designed to specifically suit Indian students and enhance their learning and experience of European/UK/Other countries businesses. The students learn through experiences directly gained from face-to-face interactions with international faculty, environment of the international campus, and direct interaction with the Corporate honchos.

NDIM offers Study Abroad Programmes in the following Universities:

  1. ESSCA-School of Management, France
  2. Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona, Spain
  3. Universal Business School, Oxford, UK
  4. SAARC Develoment Fund Secretariat
  5. International Youth Fellowship
  6. India China Trade Centre (ICTC)
  7. ISC Paris Business School
  8. Management and Science University Malaysia
  9. Scholars Procademy LLP
  10. Oxademy Graduate School
  11. FOM University of Applied Sciences For Economics And Management, Essen Germany

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