To know about the uniqueness, we should first understand why digital marketing is now an integral part for all management profession, and more and more B-school are opting for basic digital marketing for all MBA/PGDM students mandatory for all.

Let’s start with the Importance of digital marketing for PGDM/MBA students.

Digital Marketing is now a must-have skill for all professionals not only for MBA or PGDM students but for all grads students as well; however, we will only discuss the Importance for MBA/PGDM students only in this blog.

Why Digital marketing?

To start with the basics of digital marketing, all of you guys are active on all social media platforms and doing all kinds of search activities on Google. Have you ever thought of how these platforms are earning when no one is charging a single penny from you for using their platform and even giving you opportunities to earn using their platform, for example, check youtube channels like BBQ vines or superwomen they are not paying a single penny to Youtube but earning a ton of money from these channels? So the question Aries how then youtube is making money and how this complete process works.

Let me break the complete digital marketing process in a few simple steps.

1. These big platforms have a huge number of the user database

2. They know their interest and behaviour. For example, Facebook knows a lot, or rather I say a lot more about you, then your friends know about you. Like he knows your gender he knows your location, he knows your age, he knows your likes and dislikes and where have you recently went for a holiday and even know whether you are in a long-distance relationship, surprising right yes but this is true.

3. If some know a lot about you can you this information be utilized by the advertiser to sell a product or look for a prospective client for the services he wants to offer.

4. Now earning part will kick in all your activities over the internet can be used by these companies to sell your identities to the advertises so that can find the best match for their product which will either directly buy the product or will have some interest in the product or may buy in the near future

5. Every big internet companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more have their ads platforms to provide paid ads support to their advertisers, and this is how these companies are earning

So, In a nutshell, these companies are selling your interest and behaviour data to make sorry to mint money.

Check the revenue of these big four companies for the year 2019.

Now you must be wondering how this is even possible yes this is possible and there is a new say about the data these companies are collecting.


Means whosoever holds the maximum amount of data will be the wealthiest person in the world. So that was just the basics of digital marketing now back to our topic of this blog.

How is digital marketing specialization at NDIM different from other B-school?

Most of the B-school has not even provided this specialization as NDIM stated this from the year 2015 and now in the 5th year of this specialization, we can proudly say we are the most advanced Digital marketing specialization at NDIM with updates and most in-demand curricula in digital marketing, in fact, we keep on updating the syllabus every six months to keep the pace of fast-changing digital world. We have a mix of top digital marketing experts faculty both from best in academia and industry as well.

So what’s the journey of the student as far as digital marketing as a basic subject and digital marketing as specialization at NDIM.

So all the students have to undergo one 32 hours of digital marketing basic class which empower them to make them more visible in the digital world. We call this professional development and all student profiles online will be recreated as per the best of industry standards and how to make valuable connections using LinkedIn, how to write impressive blogs related to your area of specialization to attract more readers towards your profile and make you more employable with good networking.

Second-semester students after picking their specialization will again go for one more intermediate digital marketing course specially designed for their specialization that too for 32 hours for all students. For example if you have HR and Operation as your dual specialization, we will teach how important Digital Marketing will be for the HR specialist.

For Digital Marketing specialization students, we have divided the complete DM curriculum into two parts.

Part 1: second semester: understanding the real word digital platform for advertisement online, be it a Brand promotion, Brand recall or lead generation.

Part 2: Advance digital marketing strategies creations and working on live digital marketing projects to know in-depth on how real-world digital marketing companies work.

So the primary focus of digital marketing specialization at NDIM is more practical training than theory.

Console based training: Learning digital marketing with the theory is basic until you do practical on real-time campaigns. Because digital marketing is not about theory but practical campaigns. Learn with real-time case study and run the digital campaigns on digital marketing simulators for more deep understanding of real-world digital marketing.

Practical approach: learn with the real-time simulators like Facebook and google ads for a more and more practical approach. Real-time cases like what’s happening in the digital world. For example, Zomato case or snapdeal.

Learn from Industry experts: All Digital marketing faculty have hands-on experience in working with big brands and 15% course of digital marketing will be taught by startup founders or digital Marketing experts from the industry.