Adarsh Chandra, NDIMite Batch 2012-14 shares his journey from being a Karate Player to a budding Manager
July 26, 2018
“I had the wings but NDIM gave me the courage and the platform to fly high and achieve my dreams.” says Shreya Chakraborty on getting the threshold for a great career start with S & P Capital IQ
July 26, 2018

“The feeling of converting the first job interview is priceless.” says Jyoti Verma, extremely thrilled on her placement with the very first organization on campus for hiring, Neo Sports

Jyoti Verma shares her excitement on selection by Neo Sports

Jyoti Verma while sharing about her experience at NDIM so far describes it in a single word as “awesome”. She says that “It feels great on being selected by one of the top sports channels of the country.

Cracking the recruitment process of the first organization applied to, makes me more confident in my approach towards the Corporate world. Thanks to the faculty and corporate experts who have always been up to the mark in providing knowledge to us during the lectures and grooming sessions.

One thing I would like to say for sure is that the exposure provided at NDIM is phenomenal, it does wonders in the overall grooming and development of students into a Corporate ready professional. For me, it is one of the major contributor to my success.”

“NDIM has always strived to offer us unparalleled classroom teaching along with right blend of beyond-the-classroom learning which includes each and every activity starting from an inter college event- guest lecture-corporate visits- student driven clubs-sports meets-annual fest- personality development sessions, etc.”, says Jyoti. She adds, “I was one of the lucky ones to have been part of the team for the study abroad program by NDIM at Oxford University, which played a vital role in providing me the global exposure, the adaptability of adjusting to a different culture and understanding business scenario from a totally different perspective. The experience and time spent at Oxford will always be cherished. Every event at NDIM is about learning and inculcation of managerial skills in students. These encompass every arena of management as time management, discipline, crisis management, responsibility, self-confidence, team building, sportsmanship. My journey at NDIM has been all about chasing my dreams and a belief that I can achieve it and make it big one day.”

“My selection in Neo Sports wouldn’t have been possible without my mentors’ understanding of my weakness & lag behinds, urging me to work harder. The guidance provided in the right direction at every step is what makes NDIMites stand tall in the crowd. I am really grateful to our Corporate resource centre who put all the best possible efforts to provide us such opportunities and let us prove our mettle. The relationships built with my faculty, mentors and staff during my stay at NDIM will also be special. I will try to return it back to my Alma mater, in the best possible manner. For a person like me, the efforts and continuous support means a lot and I will always be grateful to my college, NDIM for everything.”, shares super excited Jyoti.

We wish her all the luck in her life to accomplish her dreams and hope that she continues to dream big. – Team NDIM

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