Seema Bangia Corporate Mentor
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Seema Bangia

Corporate Mentor

Head - HR Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd.

Post Graduate in Human Resource Management from First Business School, Chicago, 25+ years of industry experience in the human resource field

Head – HR for Mahindra Defence, her role encompasses strategic human resource management.

She has one publication and 18 management competencies to her credit.

Other Organizations worked at: Nestle India, Motorola, AT&T/Lucent Technologies, Sony India, Canon and Carlsberg India.

We are thankful to New Delhi Institute of Management and the mentoring department for providing us with such an illustrious and informative mentor, Ms. Seema. We had elaborative and detailed discussions with one of the best mentors in the industry. Ms. Seema Bangia, Head-HR at Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd., who has previously mentored many students from various colleges and is an expert in her field, was my mentor. She has practical experience of working with different sectors. She explained us the importance of soft skills, smart work and visualization. With her inputs we paved our way to achieve the kind of jobs we needed.

Mentees: Rachna Mishra, Swati Sardar, Madhumita Ghosh and Nitish Goswami

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