At NDIM the students are exposed to both practical as well as theoretical knowledge so that they can create an edge in their work and excel in their respective field.” says Anurag Kushan after getting multiple job offers from & Fierce Hound Media.
July 26, 2018
Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Founder & Chairman, Bharti Enterprises
July 28, 2018

I believe one should learn to endure and control oneself when under pressure!!.” Says Sagnik Das after getting multiple job offers from Enhance Proteins Ltd and Percept Ltd. – PGDM Batch 2014-16.

Sagnik Das after getting multiple job offers - Ndim Delhi

My journey during the post grad was full of learning experiences which are worth remembering. NDIM has given me a lot to remember for the rest of my life, the faculties, facilities and opportunities provided at this college were just as promised. The faculties here are very focused and work with an aim to transform a student’s ordinary life into a special one. My abilities were harnessed and shown the direction, which made me more confident.

It's wonderful that the focus is not just not academics but students are encouraged to be active members of various specialisation and cultural clubs. Events are open for all students to participate and learn. I personally feel that participating in such events gave us a whole new perspective to organising events at a large scale and tackling real life problems while you're live!

I believe one should learn to endure and control oneself when under pressure! It did get extremely tough to handle various subjects, presentations, tests, events but that's the learning. At the end of the day it did reap the results I was hoping for and managed to get two placement offers from the companies I was targeting. Though all faculties are praise worthy, my personal favorite was Mrs. Veena Kumar who is a phenomenal professor and an amazing mentor. She has guided a no. of students from being ordinary to being the brightest.

It was a wonderful experience to live with my NDIM friends at our hostel. Grooming is one thing this institute has taught me well and today I am a proud NDIMite! I wish I could reset my clock and turn time back to re-live those golden moments of friendship and learning at NDIM.

Three cheers!! Hail NDIM!! .

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