Rohit Panwar Corporate Mentor
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Rohit Panwar

Corporate Mentor

Manager – Ad Sales – Times Native Platform – Colombia Audience Network Times Internet

He is a graduate in Computer Programming Specific Applications and is an alumni of NDIM.

He is a strong marketing professional with 7 years of experience in internet industry and advertising, Sales, Marketing Management, Negotiations, Strategic Planning and Business Development.

He has earlier worked with Info Edge India Ltd. ( and Crown It (GoldVIP)

Main Learning during the mentoring sessions has been to be always punctual in life and never miss any opportunity to make new contacts. He emphasises strongly on increased networking and in grabbing every opportunity to increase your contacts. One should have proper knowledge of what is happening around and continuously learn from people who have been achievers and failures. Mr. Panwar focused on time management skills and the growing importance of networking. We loved him for his energy and positivity and would always be thankful to him for his unstinted support and encouragement., We are extremly thankful to our Mentor who is an NDIM Alumni as his deep insights gave us much renewed focus to be successful in our professional career.

Mentees: Anurag Kumar, Pranav Chandna, Anas Khan, Bhavya Singhal , Chandradeep Palit and Somya

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