Ratiranjan Mandal Corporate Mentor
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in India

Ratiranjan Mandal

Corporate Mentor

CEO, SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited

Dr. Mandal, is a Graduate Engineer and a Post Graduate from IIT Delhi and Ph.D from Manchester, England. He also did Post Graduation in Project Management from England.

35+ years experience in various industries, both in India and abroad.

Starting his stint with Indian Petrochemicals Corporation, he then joined the Government of India and was in strategic planning role in various ministries including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information & Broad Casting, Planning Commission, for over a period of 25 years.

Nominated by Government of India to an UN assignment where he served for over five years heading the Industry Sector and International marketing.

“We also got the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with the industry honchos like Mr. Rati Ranjan Mandal who is heading the SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. It was a great learning experience while interacting with Mr Mandal on matters related to banking and the reason why banking is an importnat sector for our economy. Not only this how an individual can pursue his or her career in banking operations was the highlight of the meeting and made us realize that the slightest of the information which is invaluable. We would like to thank, Mr. Mandal and the entire NDIM family for providing us the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge”.

Mentees : Anwar Ahmed, Ankit Goyal, Ishaan Rana and Priyanka Mohan

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