Pranav Poddar Corporate Mentor
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in India

Pranav Poddar

Corporate Mentor

Co-Founder and CEO Syenergy Environics Ltd.

Bachelor of Science (BS) from Purdue University, 15 years of experience and is intrigued by technology and the way it is impacting the world.

Co-founded Syenergy Environics in 2007 with a vision to build technology that helps people lead a healthier lifestyle by reducing the harmful radiations around them.Environics manufacture products (ENVIROCHIP) for neutralizing the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from personal electronic communication devices such as Mobile Phones, Computers etc.

Other Organizations worked at: Ferrellgas, and Suvidha Parklift Limited.

“We are very grateful to NDIM that we got Mr. Pranav Poddar –Co- Founder & CEO Synergy Environics Ltd. He guided us throughout the 2 years of PGDM course. We had lengthened conversations on marketing concepts as also the general concepts of what in the end matters and how you have to strike a fine balance between your professional and personal life as good healthy personal life automatically does a world of good to the hard sometimes thankless professional life. We got many delightful and progressive opportunities to meet such a knowledgeable person whose invaluable guidance will go a long way in helping us tackle various stages of our professional life.”

Mentees: Prafful Bhati, Mudit Shah, Sayak Mukherjee and Wasudha Garg

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