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Corporate Grooming of NDIM

We at NDIM believe that personality is an aggregate of an individual's professional and personal capabilities encompassing skills of communication, leadership, confidence, decision making and an attitude to bring positive approache to challenges facing the corporate working. Corporate Grooming is aimed at providing an edge for achieving success in the corporate environment through imbibing desirable professional etiquettes, interpersonal skills and overall corporate awareness so that one's acceptability in the professional environment is enhanced.

We at NDIM help the candidates Groom their overall Personality and improve their Communication Skills which are the an important requirement in this globalised era. The Personality Development Programme also covers multifarious abilities which include Presentation skills, Public speaking, Interpersonal skills, Team skills, Time management, Business etiquettes, Social grace, etc., which help to enhance the Soft Skills of the students thereby improving their career prospects. The students go through an extensive Personality Development Programme at NDIM which lays emphasis on the holistic development of the student to prepare skillful and professional communicators to cater to the increasing requirements of the Global Environment.

NDIM has been very successful in imparting quality training to the students, thereby preparing them for any Interview they face. The Programme has helped even the very introvert students to come out of their shells and face the world with high level of Confidence, lot of Self-Worth and Self- Esteem. Eminent practicing CEOs and top management of big industrial houses and eminent management gurus are regularly invited to the campus to conduct lectures on current issues. The programme is designed so as to develop appropriate competencies to enable the students to increase their potential.

During two years at NDIM, from budding managers, students become blooming leaders with requisite skills & knowledge. Future business leaders develop a rich repertoire of analytical, problem-solving and effective communication skills, with sufficient practical exposure for creating and implementing solutions.

Thus OUR Students join the Industry not as mere managers, but as role models in influencing practices, and in the long run become an active participants in shaping the Nation's destiny.

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