Mukul Jain Corporate Mentor
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Mukul Jain

Corporate Mentor

Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Professor Empanelled Resource Person - SEBI

Empanelled as ‘Certified Trainer & Financial Education Resource Person’ with SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India), the Regulatory body of Govt. of India for the securities market;

Conducts regular workshops on ‘Financial Planning & Capital Markets’ for various groups such as students, company executives, NGOs, senior citizens, home-makers, middle-income groups etc.

Has individually conducted more than 300 “Investor Awareness Workshops” in the last 4 years.

“Our experience with corporate mentoring program was very fruitful and helped us a lot to motivate our self and overcome our fear of corporate culture. Our corporate mentor was Mr. Mukul Jain, Consultant SEBI who had a deep knowledge of corporate culture, under his guidance we learned all such knowledge of the markets in which the company operate, complete industry mapping, the extended network of relationships and the expertise in the recruitment process. We were very grateful to be under his mentoring. We thank you NDIM for providing us this opportunity.”

Mentees: Raj Gupta, Kunal Goyal, Sarit Das and Pradeep Kumar

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