Kishore Chakraborti Corporate Mentor
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Kishore Chakraborti

Corporate Mentor

Independent Brand Consultant & Former Vice President McCaan Erickson India

Postgraduate Degree in Mass Communication/ Media Studies from Guru Jhambeswor University, and Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature & Law, Managed and established business verticals and core functions in India & Nepal.

30 years’ experience in Advertising, Brand & Communication management, Industry analyst on changing marketing trend and consumer insight, Author & columnist, Global trainer & educator.

His collection of essays “ Listening Eyes - notes from many Indias” has been published by the Times Group Books and an e-book version has also been released.

“Our mentor during the Mentoring session was Mr. Kishore Chakraborti, He was Independent Brand Consultant & Former Vice President McCann Erickson India. He is a very hard working and clear vision person. He used to give us various tips to remain updated in the corporate world, he suggested us to read newspaper on daily basis and also read an article of our interest daily.”

Mentees: Ayushman,Akhil Gera, Ankish Agarwal and Soumya

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