Kamal Jain Corporate Mentor
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Kamal Jain

Corporate Mentor

Senior General Manager (CB & Finance) National e-Governance Division, Media Lab Asia, MeitY, Government of India

He has 20+ years of professional experience in Consulting & Program Management of large scale IT enabled e-Governance and Rural & Livelihoods Development Programs in Goverment and domain Profit Center Management with Corporate Sector.

He is a recognized e-Gov Champion and Master Trainer (Training Design, Delivery and Management) under the deparment of Personal and Training, Government of India - TOT program and International Master Trainer for “Community Driven Development”.

Program Management, Monitoring & Evaluation and Building Institutional Framework for large e-Governance and Rural Livelihood Development Initiatives are his strengths.

He has earlier worked with DIPP, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, National Institute for Smart Government and MAP_IT – Government of Madhya Pradesh

He taught us our learning objectives and how to set up long term and short term goals by each one of us. He advised us to stay focused on our work and that we need to foucs on 3 Fundamentals of “C”; ie, Confidence, Competence and Commitment and setting Clear Timelines and well defined Ground Rules. We learnt the real importance of knowing what we wish to achieve in our lives. He has been a constant support for us to understand and realise our dreams in order to succeed in life.

Mentees: Sameer Singh, Shikha, Amair Sohail, Nitish Kumar, Prakhar Goel, and Shubham Sahu

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