Jyotindra Dubey Corporate Mentor
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Jyotindra Dubey

Corporate Mentor

Special Correspondent News Corp VCCircle

Postgraduate MBA from IMS, Ghaziabad and a B.A. Economics (Honors) from Institute for Excellence in Higher Education.

He tracks corporate actions (M&A, Stock Split etc.) with Securities data management, Pricing data management and track changes in unique security identifiers and updates the M&A Team with possible cases of mergers & acquisitions based on such changes.

His focus areas include: Data Journalism, Economy and Financial Research and Corporate Governance.

Other organizationons worked at; The Hindustan Times, Business Today, Capital IQ and SEAC Ltd.

“Our mentor was Mr. Jyotindra, Chief Editor, Hindustan Times. He has been the best mentor anyone could get at a point of time when we were confused about what career to choose and how can choosing that career or field will benefit us as per the skills and abilities we possess. He taught us how to build confidence in ourselves whenever we are choosing any field where we can get a job and progress with our career. He also taught us how to fight our inner fear of failure of non- performance of any task that is assigned to us. Our mentor taught us that the thoughts we have the things we say and who we are is very important. We first have to believe that we are worth it we can do it and we can succeed. He helped us understand our goal and then to invest time in each goal and the steps to achieve that goal. He was very successful in letting us know our strengths and then to act on them by making goals which will best suit our strengths and will help us to be successful in life."

Mentees: Lakshay Raizyada, Aayushi Chopra, Kundan Singh, Garima Gautam and Kartika Khandelwal.

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