23rd Batch Induction Inaugurated
August 9, 2018
International Symposium & Research Workshop-Finding Purpose in Leadership : 23 May 2018
August 9, 2018

International Workshop:Mastering Art of Learning – Developing 21st Century Leaders, Jun 14, 2018

International Workshop on

Mastering the Art of Learning : Developing 21st Century Leaders, June 14, 2018
(In Collaboration With PSquare Consulting, USA For Leaders, Managers, Educators)

As a rapidly transforming global economy, India is undergoing accelerated change. Social ideology, cultural norms, educational reform, business, technology, and healthcare, are some expansive domains that require a skillset beyond mere vision and financial acumen. Leaders lead people and when leaders are unable to grow and learn, their leadership becomes futile and can negatively impact the development of those they lead. The purpose of this workshop is to enable the 21st century leader to develop self-efficacy and master the art of learning beyond the classroom.

Purpose of The Workshop :
The purpose of this workshop is to enable the 21st century leader to develop self-efficacy and master the art of learning beyond the classroom and practice improved decision making.

1. Triple Loop Learning
  • Enable new learning strategies to be created to encourage complex problem-solving and increase the performance of organisations
  • Review the theoretical and methodological bases of triple-loop learning.
  • Illustrate the learning loops using case-study examples.
  • Experientially engage participants in a triple loop exercise through a group-led assignment to demonstrate understanding of concept
2. Reflexivity
  • What is reflexive thinking and learning?
  • How can scholars and practitioners use it to build leadership skills?
  • Demonstrate with examples and participant interaction
  • Group Learning Activity
3. Identifying Mental Paradigms and Unconscious Bias
  • How do our unconscious beliefs and assumptions affect our decision-making as new or experienced leaders?
  • Introduce the concept to the participants and demonstrate with practical examples
  • Give participants tools to self-identify bias and recognize the mental paradigms they operate from
In addition to the seasoned HR faculty at NDIM, workshop will host Two international guest speakers

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Sana Mitchell holds an EdD and an MAEd from University of Phoenix in Educational Leadership (with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction Design). She is the CIO and co-founder of PSquare Consulting in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. She is an experienced organizational leadership consultant and academic coach specializing in qualitative phenomenological research designs. Her expertise and experience encompass: Organizational Leadership Development, Operations Management, Curriculum & Instruction Design, Editing, Cultural Stereotyping, Post- Modern Theory, 9/11 and its effect on the U.S. Socio-Cultural Dynamics, Program Training, and Intra-Organizational Change Management Facilitation

Dr. Anuradha Basu is Professorof Entrepreneurshipinthe Schoolof Global Innovation & Leadership, Lucas College & Graduate School of Business, Entrepreneurship Area Chair, and Director, Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship, at San Jose State University (SJSU). Her research interests include immigrant and transnational entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship education. She received MPhil and PhD degrees in Economics from the University of Cambridge, UK, an MBA from IIM Calcutta, India, and a BA (Honors) degree in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, India. Before moving into academia, Dr. Basu worked at the Bank of America in India and the UK. After completing her PhD, she held faculty positions at Oxford Brookes University and the University of Reading, UK, and was a research fellow at Stanford University before joining SJSU in 2003. She has advised numerous aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage startups. Dr. Basu is a visiting professor at NDIM.

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