International Workshop:Mastering Art of Learning – Developing 21st Century Leaders, Jun 14, 2018
August 9, 2018
Workshop on Space Industry by Canada Research Centre, 19 May, 2018
August 9, 2018

International Symposium & Research Workshop-Finding Purpose in Leadership : 23 May 2018

International Symposium and Research Workshop Date - 23rd May, 2018

“ Finding Purpose in Leadership: Embracing Organizational Change in a Rapidly Developing Economy"


Themes / Sessions

1.) The Rise of Connectivist Leadership

The Rise of Connectivist Leadership: Social & Emotional Intelligence in Organization

2.) Cross-cultural leadership

Cross-cultural Leadership Based on Culture and Leadership through Stages of Growth

3.) Examining Leadership through the Lens of Nonprofit Organizations

Non -profits are big employers globally and its meaning has changed.

4.) Women in the Workplace: Leadership in New World

Based on Painting the Invisible Bridge: Closing the Gender Gap for Women in the Workplace.

5.) Leadership in Context- A Paradigm Shift

Leadership has been rapidly changing in the past three Decades.

6.) Leading in the Age of Digital and New Media

Based on Working Concept on the role of Information Technology as a Change Management tool: An assessment of the strategic use of technology as a primary medium for influencing employee acceptance of new company policies and procedures

7.) Leadership Challenge in Human Resources: Using the Behavioral Approach

Leadership challenges faced by HR Practitioner.

39 Professors and Research scholars from the US University and US business houses participated in the deliberations of the Global Symposium. Research proceedings will be published worldwide. Inaugural session speakers include H.E. Ambassador of Costa Rica Ms Mariela Cruz ; Dr. Helen Easterling Williams, EdD, Dean, Graduate School of Education and Psychology(GSEP), Pepperdine University; Dr. Farzin Madjidi, Associate Dean, Education Division (GSEP) , Pepperdine University. Mr. Anil Wadhva, IFS, Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs East (Retired).

Some of the esteemed panelists include Dr. Rani Desai, CLO, Partner Matters - Deloitte Touche ; Pawan Kumar Agrawal, President, Corp Finance - Yes Bank; Shantanu Das, VP, HR – Amway India, Ayundati Das, Associate Director, PwC, Mr. Sudharak Olwe, Padma Shri, Social Work, Vivek Seigell, Principal Director- PHDCCI, Mona Cheriyan, President, Thomas Cook India Ltd, Shakun Khanna, Sr. Director SCM & Strategy – ORACLE, Dhananjay Singh, DG – NHRDN, Frederique Covington (Senior VP, VISA), Matthew Sweeney (GM, AZZ Nuclear), Judith Simone (Head-Talent Management, Google), Marilyn Garcia (Director, Corporate Communications, AT&T, Dr Shanti Auluck, Founder, Muskan, Dr Anil Behal, CEO, Orgdyne, Hemant Taneja, Founder, Tatva Consulting, Rocha Singh, Co Founder, yourdost, Dr OP Yadava, Chief Cardiac Surgeon, National Heart Institute, Ms Rimjhim, Co Founder,, Asha Sharma, Manager HR, Everest India, Samar Verma, IDRC, Mr Nipun, Founder, Nipman Foundation, Sanjeev Goyal, Principal Director, CAG, DV Shastry, Executive Director, GAIL, Dr VK Jain, Former Advisor to CM of Delhi, Sudhir Gauriar, VP, Reliance Industries, Kulwant S Hora, CFO, Salvatore Serragamao, Bharat Jai Singh, Head Finance, Assimilate Solutions, Sanjay Verma, HR Head, Uniparts group, Priya Hingorani, Sr lawyer among others.
Seven leadership exchange groups were organized on the themes below:-
  • The Rise of Connectivist Leadership
  • Cross-cultural leadership and education
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Leadership for the Common Good
  • Women in the Workplace: Leadership in New World
  • Leadership in Context- A Paradigm Shift
  • Leading in Digital Age and Role of Information Technology
  • Leadership Challenge in Human Resources and Talent Management

The symposium received a very enthusiastic response from participants and several topics were shortlisted for joint research after the team presentations. An MOU was also signed between NDIM and Pepperdine University during valedictory ceremony. 

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