Inbarajan P
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Inbarajan P

Corporate Mentor

Sr. Vice President Growth & Strategy Info Edge India Ltd ( - a venture)

A versatile and multi-domain business strategist with over 2 decades of rich experience in creating, building & driving success for various brands and businesses from ground-up.

Master in Marketing Management from Annamalai University and BBA in Elements of Insurance from Annamalai University.

We had our mentoring session with Mr. Inbarajan, Sr. VP at Infoedge, Noida. We discussed regarding our career goals and the need for aspirations in life. He started off with the skills a recruiter looks for in a candidate and discussed some obvious questions a recruiter might ask and how to tackle such questions. He asked us to communicate the truth about ourselves to the recruiter and not falsify even if it ends up in not getting a job. This is beneficial in the long run for both the organization as well as for ourselves not to deceive each other. He also enlightened us regarding the mistakes a candidate does when it comes to handling stresses, as well as technical questions in interviews. Mr. Inbarajan told that Indians are very aspirational and we must keep ourselves going forward always. He has asked us to work on our “elevator pitch” which is a short description of a product, organization or an individual that explains the concept in such a way that any listener can understand it in a short span of time. The main intent is to create a demand for the product or an individual and making a mark on the other person. The pitch should be interesting and memorable.

Mentees: Akash Saha, Ayoush Prasad, Samik Guha, Sakshi Singh, Shounak Paul, Debanjan Dasgupta

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