NDIM organized a seminar on understanding and exploring outer space with two Astronauts from the European Space Agency at its Campus on May 19, 2018.

In additional to our students, participants from 29 schools joined us for this seminar that gave never before seen insights into outer space, related research and future space missions. The session was intended to open the minds of the students and their teachers to a field of the future.

Some aspects that were covered briefly included Astronaut Training, Designing Human Habitat for Moon, Introduction to Rocket Design and Insight into the Mars Mission. It also helped clear the myth that a specialization in Science stream is not a pre-requisite to be an Astronaut these days.

It was a highly interactive seminar and all present thoroughly enjoyed listening and interacting with the Astronauts. The audience, that included 6 Principals, 78 teachers and 180 students, enthusiastically participated in an extensive Q&A Session at the end, to gain even better insights into this field.

We truly hope we inspired the students to explore the extra ordinary.