Daleep Manhas Corporate Mentor
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Daleep Manhas

Corporate Mentor

Senior Vice President – Operations McCann Health

Postgraduate MBA in Marketing from Indira Institute of Management

15+ experience years in Sales Management, Business Development, Advertising, Strategic Planning, Training and Development in leading corporate and healthcare communications agencies.

Specialties: Strategic Management, Sales Management, Advertising and Strategic Planning, Business Development and Evaluation

Other Organizations worked at: Indegene Lifesystems Pvt Ltd.

“NDIM gave us an opportunity to connect with professionals from Industry. We were lucky to have been mentored by Mr. Daleep Manhas Senior Vice President- Operations Mccain Health. We learnt how to prioritize our work and he made us write about our passion. He made us introspect on our abilities connecting them to our specialization and decide on the career path we want to move ahead. Moreover he also taught us the essence of participating in group discussions, leading our way to victory any discussion it be. It was his guidance that has helped us crack the placement. We wish all the best for the future endeavours to NDIM and we feel proud to be an NDIMite.”

Mentees: Saket Singh, Neelanjana Mazumdaar, Prantap Singh and Goutham Maichaini

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