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To inculcate the habit of organizing and managing the professional events directly by our students, NDIM has constituted a number of clubs which are entirely managed by our students under the professional guidance of one of the faculty members of the institute designated for each club. The club members including its President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a few members are elected by the students themselves. Thus they provide institutional units Of the Students, By the Students, and For the Students.

Each club aims at going beyond the classroom learning, promoting the creative bent and inventive thinking. They decide to conduct events bearing on every functional area of management such as Invited Lecturers, Role Plays, Debates, Quizzes, Cultural and Publishing, Sports activities and Management Competitions such as the Ad-Mad, Brand War, etc in every semester. These activities encourage them not only to learn to manage things on their own but also supplement their professional development in understanding the subjects involved with better clarity. The clubs provide a forum to our students to express their multidimensional skills – artistic, literary and management while studying at NDIM.

We have the following Management Clubs:

  • Finance Club
  • HR Club
  • IT Club
  • Marketing Club

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