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Foodie Club of NDIM


As it is said “There is no love sincerer than the love for food.” Going with the tagline, The Foodiez Club keeps the art of creative Cooking alive amongst the students of NDIM. This club is for those who like to cook and for those who loves to eat. The main intention behind forming this club is, to bring positive and innovative changes at NDIM canteen, by involving students, by organizing intra college competitions and by bringing out the hidden culinary skills. The club assures to keep the zeal of students high by keeping a close check on the hygiene and quality of food provided by the canteen and at the same time by helping students to think out of the box, by focusing on creativity and presentation through food..


The mission of Foodiez Club is to bring out a recipe that includes a motivational pinch of creativity and delicious presentation skills of the future management leaders. Along with this, Student coordinators will also help to spread awareness regarding Hygiene and Quality of the canteen food.

Structure of the club:

Like other clubs of NDIM, FOODIEZ CLUB consists of student coordinators who are regularly assisting a Faculty in charge of the club.


    The activities undertaken by Foodiez Club related to the campus canteen are:-

    • Menu Maintenance
    • Pricing of the food
    • Sitting arrangement
    • Hygiene of food
    • Ambience of the canteen


    The events organized by Foodiez Club are:-

    Serve your creativity(Fruit & Vegetable Salad making competition)

    • MCOM ( Master Chef of Management)
    • Eat the heat
    • Perfect Recipe
    • Canteen cleanliness drive
    • Waste Management drive

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