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December 29, 2017

Shreya Chakraborty, S & P Capital IQ shares her journey @ NDIM


I always wanted to pursue a career in the field of Finance. But little did I know, what it’d take to secure the job that I wanted. As soon as I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Delhi University, I was confronted with the dreaded question that I had been running away from – What Next? After pondering upon it, I decided to pursue PGDM with Finance specialization. This meant overcoming a pre-conceived notion and convincing myself that it’s not at all going to be a cake walk and I will have to work hard for my dreams. This is where NDIM played a pivotal role, NDIM is not just an institution for me with a platter of opportunities to offer; but something more than that.
Today, the role of an institute is not only to develop academic excellence but also to motivate & empower its students to be critical thinkers, & productive members of an ever changing global society. That’s exactly what NDIM strives to achieve through a plethora of various activities, clubs, events providing an atmosphere for multifaceted development to channelize our potential in the pursuit of excellence.While studying at NDIM, I grew as an individual, interacting with people from different backgrounds, organizations, industries made me think like a professional from day one. First year taught me to act like a manager, working on deadlines for projects, assignments, examinations, activities which brought both, my best and worst, providing me a platform to prove myself . My second year of this journey more than met my expectations – be it in terms of handling work load or in terms of comprehending and synthesizing disparate concepts. read more

December 29, 2017

Apurva Manchanda share his excitement on selection in Dabur India


Apurva Manchanda, a graduate from Allahabad University never thought that his decision to come to Delhi for his higher education will prove unpredictably amazing and fruitful for his career. Life has never been so good, My decision to come to Delhi for PGDM at New Delhi Institute of Management was an instant hit due to familiarity with the brand NDIM and its top rankings and placements in the country, says Apurva Manchanda. This B.Com graduate was keen on making a mark in the Corporate World and focused on his aspirations to make it big. He says “NDIM has never left any stone unturned to keep its students abreast of all the knowledge and learning required for their overall development and grooming. The unmatched exposure and enormous hands on learning provided during these two years help in smooth transition from Campus to Corporate providing a unique edge to NDIMites over others.”Apurva says, “All the hard work and perseverance paid off at NDIM, when I earned a breakthrough into the Corporate world with my dream company, Dabur India Ltd. which happens to be a dream come true opportunity for every budding manager aspiring for a great career.” Earning a job opportunity with such a big brand can never be a cake walk in an era of cut throat competition, but I can proudly say that right attitude and guidance makes the difference. Two years at NDIM has prepared me to face the challenges with oodles of confidence, says Apurva with a big smile on his face.

I have always been aspiring to make a career in the FMCG sector. When I heard about Dabur coming to campus for recruitment, I immediately applied for it and starting preparing to make my way to it as this was my dream chance to prove myself and a ladder to a great career. It would not have been possible without the impeccable academic knowledge and learning opportunities provided to me at NDIM. With dual specialization in the field of Marketing and Operations & Supply chain management, NDIM helped me gain insights of the industry and the corporate world from day one at the campus with innumerable Guest lectures, Live projects, Industry visits and not to forget the opportunities offered for summer internship and final placements. read more

December 29, 2017

Somosubhra Roy Chowdhury getting multiple-placement



=&0=&Sometimes a small step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. The same holds true for me. My journey started two years back when I decided to move out of a small town & join New Delhi Institute of Management. When I look back I feel proud of being an alumni of this college which has not only helped me in providing a dream career but has also shaped my personality. While studying at NDIM, I grew as an individual.The college provided me multiple opportunities to get connected to the Industry as a result of which I got job offers from Blackrock, Spandana Sphoorty Financials and Deloitte during my placement session. Besides this, I got an opportunity to participate in various events where I showcased my talent & skillsMy decision to come to NDIM was definitely the right one it has given me memories that I would cherish for lifetime.
December 29, 2017

Mehul Rastogi’s selection in Next Education India Pvt. Ltd


=&0=& There were many intriguing activities at NDIM that motivated the students to indulge in. Spandan, our college’s cultural fest was one such event. I, being an organiser, learnt the significance of teamwork and also matured as an individual. With certain responsibilities entrusted upon me I was able to discover and further cultivate my leadership quality. The zeal and zest with which we all, NDIMites did the preparation, motivated me and in the process I even overcame my stage fright which has always been a staggering point in my life.Continuous projects and presentations have boosted my confidence level and made me eloquent and articulate. My summer internship at the Council of Leather Exports(only a few could crack the process) was an educating experience. I overcame my inhibitions and got the first flavour of the corporate world and work assignments, which meant strict discipline. The faculty at NDIM has been very supportive and encourage the students to strive towards excellence. I was able to connect with them instantaneously. They stimulate a student’s inquisitiveness and help them become fastidious. The ambience of this college is also invigorating and refreshing.

In my childhood I read a poem by Walt Whitman, ‘The Voice of Rain’, where the rain says, “And all that in them without me were seeds only, latent, unborn”. This college can be compared to the rain, which has germinated many more dormant seeds just like me. It has given me numerous moments to cherish and friends to hold on to. This college was my biggest step on the journey to success and I am grateful for it. It was a life changing experience. Thank you NDIM. read more

December 29, 2017

Harpreet Singh shares his experience on selection in Bajaj Corp.

HArpreet NDIM produces LEADERS who are at the forefront of their fields. The institute facilitates this goal by providing excellent learning resources in the form of library, journal subscriptions and seminars.” says Harpreet Singh who got placed with Bajaj Corp Ltd – PGDM Batch 2013-15
The quality of faculty here is very good and they take deep interest in academic development of scholars. I have personally benefited immensely from my interactions with the faculty of the Marketing and Operations department. The course designed is quite good and the timelines for various milestones are well-communicated. Apart from academics, the institute provides comprehensive extra-curricular activities via numerous clubs which are commendable for overall development of students.

The initial semester of coursework helped me stay abreast with the latest studies regarding sales & marketing and facilitated me in identifying my area of interest. The journey thereafter required continued passion and determination to explore and add intellectual and scholarly value to my chosen fields (Marketing and Operations).

I got an opportunity to work for an NGO-Shri Sadguru Sewa Sangh Trust-Bhopal(M.P.)- on a CSR live project and it was the most memorable time which I still cherish. Though a week in an NGO was not enough but still learnt various things which I imbibed and I am sure those lessons will help me as I am heading towards my future life.

Being a member of the Marketing and IT club, I got various opportunities to organize/plan a number of events, had an great experience while interacting with other B-schools of Delhi, and giving presentation to other management students about various marketing events of NDIM, and I still love those moments that helped me to come out of my comfort zone and evolve as a professional. I learnt the importance of team work and time management.

“Summer Training”, one of the deciding factors of choosing a career path post MBA, was quite rigorous and wide-ranging in Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd., it helped me to get deep insights about working of the FMCG industry. It was a grueling internship, but I realized towards the end of it as to how much I got to learn, which is what mattered the most. The best thing at NDIM, I must admit, is the faculty. The faculty strives a lot in bringing best out of every student, and they helped to clear all apprehensions, doubts and fears that I had, and in addition to it, lot of group presentations, research work, extempore did a lot of value addition to my personality and I could see a concrete change in my confidence. My mentors had the perfect knack of detecting my weaknesses and enhancing my strengths, which helped me a lot. By the time I was through this exhaustive coaching, I was mentally prepared to take on the grueling Aptitude/GD/PI rounds meant for the coveted Placements.

I firmly believed in myself and never gave up, though sometimes the things were not favorable, but at the end I got what I deserved and everything fell in its place. I got an excellent placement with Bajaj Corp Ltd.

I thank my alma matter, NDIM for providing me the platform to perform, learn and enter this highly competitive corporate world with such ease. Wishing all the best to my juniors.

December 29, 2017

Kumar Akshay shares his experience on selection in Dabur India

Akshay “I had a DREAM & I knew that SUCCESS will be mine, but the strength to believe in this was given to me by NDIM.” says Kumar Akshay who got placed with Dabur India Ltd – PGDM Batch 2013-15
I don’t know from where to start, but my journey to success began when I joined NDIM. I never thought leaving a job to pursue a PGDM would be so fruitful. I joined NDIM with a dream and I had the will but NDIM showed me the way.

I had to convince a lot of people other than myself to allow me to take Marketing as my specialization, but then I knew it was not going to be a cakewalk for me. NDIM faculty mentors each and every student right from the beginning, with each semester passing by, I saw a difference in me. Here I got exposure to interact with various industry leaders who gave me actual insights of what corporate expects from an MBA graduate.

The exposure that NDIM provides is phenomenal. It is the exposure which uplifts student’s morals and motivates its students to keep striving for the best.

Sessions and more sessions of GUEST LECTURES helped me to be in my penultimate cell always. I would thank NDIM for offering its students a variety of live projects and summer internships which gave hands-on- learning as to how the industry works in actual scenario. NDIM always looks for the best of classroom programs and it has one of the best faculty who are ever ready to help and support the students.

During my PGDM I got number of opportunities to coordinate and organize events which was a great boost to my confidence: being an active member of Marketing club ”MARKOMANIA” and sports club ”SPARDHA”, I learnt to apply my text book learning and managerial skills in real life scenario by managing events, anchoring stage shows and by participating in various club activities during these two years. And above all coordinating these events taught me the most important management skill of building RELATIONSHIPS.

“Learning while doing” became my mantra.

Finally, I would like to thank the entire NDIM family for helping me in fulfilling my dream of starting my career with the FMCG industry and that too with a leader; “DABUR INDIA LTD”.

I thank NDIM for providing me with the best learning environment. Thanks for the best of faculty mentors with best friends around who have guided and supported me at every small step. It could have never been possible without them.


December 29, 2017

Akanksha Mathur’s selection in Tata Teleservices Ltd

Akanksha Mathur “NDIM facilitated to hone not only my management skills but also gave immense non-scholastic opportunities which helped me in evolving as an all-rounder.” Says Akanksha Mathur who got placed with Tata Teleservices Ltd – PGDM Batch 2013-15
NDIM is a premier institute which gives great importance to student-faculty relationship and cultural development of the students apart from preparing them for the corporate world. NDIM allows its students to be comfortably interacting with the faculty and vice versa, providing ideal conditions for a person to learn and evolve further. NDIM also provides a perfect blend of education and extracurricular activities whether one is into music, sports, literature, photography, food and community service or follows any other type of interest. One is bound to find a club where people with similar interests can hangout, connect and enhance their innate talents. Year round events such as Spandan, Spardha, Christmas Carnival, Brand War, CSR activities etc. provide the much needed platform to showcase ones talent.

PGDM at NDIM provides a launching pad for a student’s career, numerous companies offer internships, live projects and final placements. These companies are renowned names like Dabur & Colgate for FMCG, Philips & Bajaj for electronics, DLF & India Bulls for real estate, & for digital marketing and many more(entire list is hard to remember).

The experience and confidence I have gained by being exposed to the frequent presentations, vivas and NDIM’s teaching methodology, has made me believe that I can achieve anything in the world.

I thank my college and my colleagues for giving me the most memorable 2 years of my post-graduation studies and learning, something that I will cherish for a long time to come.

December 29, 2017

Nishant Singh shares his experience on selection in Nestle


“NDIM is the best in providing opportunities to the deserving candidates, no matter how unfavorable the market is.” says Nishant Singh after getting multiple-placements in Nestle` & Naukri Premium – PGDM Batch 2013-15 It is very rightly said that when it has to happen it will happen; just the right time is awaited. I have experienced it truly. After months and months of laborious attempts and NDIM providing the best of opportunities, I finally came out victorious.I was offered placement by Nestle India Ltd. and Naukri, simultaneously. It was like a dream coming true!At NDIM, we have an excellent faculty. I am grateful to NDIM for the learning exposure I got here. I realized my strengths and weaknesses and the college helped me improve my performance. Also the PDP classes provided by NDIM regarding interview preparation and resume building helped me a lot in preparing myself for the interview.I did my internship with Empyrean partners, wherein I worked as a ‘Recruitment consultant’. During my internship, I got 3 recommendations and a PPO for the effort I had put in.I have wonderful memories associated with NDIM and would cherish them forever. I would say “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. “
December 29, 2017

Computers can’t learn humour” says President NASSCOM at NDIM

In the race for professionalism, state of the art technology and success, one thing has gone missing in our world-the human touch. Our business world is divided into B2B, B2C and now C2C, but isn’t something critical being left out in this classification. Perhaps H2H or Human to Human element in our interactions is what is often missing in our world.

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