Ashok Kapur Corporate Mentor
15.2Highest Domestic
in India

Ashok Kapur, IAS (Retd.)

Corporate Mentor

Director General Institute of Directors

Director General of Institute Of Directors, India.

An officer of the Indian Administrative Service (1967 Batch), has served the Government in various capacities, including Secretary & magistrate of various districts.

During 1992- 94, was appointed leader of the Indian Delegation to the UN Conference on Biological Warfare.

In September, 1991 was appointed as Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Supplies & food & science & technology, Govt. of India.

“Our mentor was Mr. Ashok Kapur, Director General, Institute of Directors. He has been an outstanding mentor and has been able to help build our confidence and anxiety with applications, interviews and general discussions. He has helped to identify key areas of improvement, as well as helping to build strategy for our career. Our mentor taught us that the thoughts you have, the things you say, and who you are is very important. We first have to believe that you are worth it, that we can do it, that we can succeed at it. He helped us understand our career goals and how can we achieve them. He taught us to Invest in ourselves. He has helped us realize our career ambitions and motivated us to move ahead in life. He boosted our confidence and became a factor constituting our success”.

Mentees: Aman Jaiswal, Gauransh Kakkar, Shiva Singh Yadav and Rahul Das

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