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December 29, 2017
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Apurva Manchanda share his excitement on selection in Dabur India


Apurva Manchanda, a graduate from Allahabad University never thought that his decision to come to Delhi for his higher education will prove unpredictably amazing and fruitful for his career. Life has never been so good, My decision to come to Delhi for PGDM at New Delhi Institute of Management was an instant hit due to familiarity with the brand NDIM and its top rankings and placements in the country, says Apurva Manchanda. This B.Com graduate was keen on making a mark in the Corporate World and focused on his aspirations to make it big.
He says “NDIM has never left any stone unturned to keep its students abreast of all the knowledge and learning required for their overall development and grooming. The unmatched exposure and enormous hands on learning provided during these two years help in smooth transition from Campus to Corporate providing a unique edge to NDIMites over others.”Apurva says, “All the hard work and perseverance paid off at NDIM, when I earned a breakthrough into the Corporate world with my dream company, Dabur India Ltd. which happens to be a dream come true opportunity for every budding manager aspiring for a great career.” Earning a job opportunity with such a big brand can never be a cake walk in an era of cut throat competition, but I can proudly say that right attitude and guidance makes the difference. Two years at NDIM has prepared me to face the challenges with oodles of confidence, says Apurva with a big smile on his face.I have always been aspiring to make a career in the FMCG sector. When I heard about Dabur coming to campus for recruitment, I immediately applied for it and starting preparing to make my way to it as this was my dream chance to prove myself and a ladder to a great career. It would not have been possible without the impeccable academic knowledge and learning opportunities provided to me at NDIM. With dual specialization in the field of Marketing and Operations & Supply chain management, NDIM helped me gain insights of the industry and the corporate world from day one at the campus with innumerable Guest lectures, Live projects, Industry visits and not to forget the opportunities offered for summer internship and final placements.Being an active member of various student oriented clubs at NDIM, I learnt to apply the conceptual knowledge and managerial skills in real life scenario by managing events, anchoring stage shows, participation in various club activities during these two years. “Learning while doing” has a modified meaning for me, the experience gained while being a part of the Corporate Resource Centre and various student clubs, I improved the 3C’s in me namely Communication, Courage & Confidence which are major learning for me.I have always been sure of my success but never gave a thought to such early breakthrough resulting in big moments of pride for me and my dear ones. With all the essentials to succeed served into a platter, it becomes easier to carve your way to success. For me, the platter was none other than NDIM which has provided me immense learning opportunities and has helped me develop into a corporate ready professional enhancing my skills and stand apart from the counterparts. Apurva looks forward to work hard to turn his dreams into reality for a great career and success ahead.

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