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Yogdaan Club of NDIM Delhi | Management Institute

Students learn the concept of community service by working together to make a community a better place to live and they have fun as they explore their environment through recreational and Service projects in communities. Yogdaan provides an avenue for students to acquire skills needed to identify, investigate, and experience the resolution of environmental and social welfare issues and problems.

The mission of the 'YOGDAAN Club' is to educate the future business leaders about how they can contribute or give their Yogdaan towards the Environment and the Social Welfare. The Club serves as a vehicle to create awareness that the responsibility lies with each individual to 'Save the Earth' as well as be socially responsible.


  • Start up the Tree Walk on Campus
  • Visits to local nature preserves, land trusts, state parks and nature centers
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Drive for Donation of warm clothes
  • Environmental quizzes
  • Essay-writing competition
  • 'Say no to Plastic Bags' drive
  • Awareness programs on pollution control
  • 'Teaching the Poor' program
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