• Established in 1992, under the aegis of Society for Employment & Career Counselling. NDIM is committed to impart the highest quality of education and exposure to help develop the next generation of business leaders with global outlook and capability of adapting to the fast changing business environment of India and the world at large. By introducing new specialization areas and adopting an innovative pedagogy, the institute has been constantly working to develop professionals with vision, courage and dedication to initiate and manage the change.

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International projects | international training - NDIM Delhi

International Live Project

NDIM offered over 120 Live projects to its students which are of 6 weeks duration in Russia, China, Malaysia, Egypt, Mauritius, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Tanzania, etc. All the projects are a mix of Management disciplines and Social Responsibility. In addition to these projects, a student is expected to undertake 1 additional short project on Business/ management issues of the particular country that they select.  

The following students opted for Six weeks Live projects from the list of 120 projects:

    • Rohit Gupta and Shashank Sharma of PGDM Batch 2012-14 were selected for 6 week project named FLY (Financial Literacy of Youth) in St. Petersberg, Russia. The project started in August 2013.
    • Nishant Sirsalewala and Arpan Majumdar of PGDM Batch 2013-15 opted for 6 weeks project on Entrepreneurship with Moscow State University Of Economics, Statistics & Informatics (MESI) in Moscow, Russia. The project duration was from November 2013 – December 2013.
    • Mrigendra Singh and Akshay Chandra of PGDM Batch 2013-15 were selected for 6 weeks project on Mission Go Green with Mauritius Institute of Information Technology, Mauritius. The project duration was scheduled from December 2013 – January 2014.
    • Eeshita Majumdar and Jen John of PGDM Batch 2013-15 undertook a project on Marketing and Event Management for South Vietnam. The project duration was from December 2013 – January 2014.
    • Prince Garg, student of PGDM Batch 2013-15 undertook a project in Chengdu , China. The project involved research on exploring Business opportunities in Chengdu and providing English Literacy classes to primary school children in Chengdu.
    • Utkarsh Tyagi, went for 6 weeks live project in Mauritius . He worked on Get Healthy Mauritius Project between January 2014- February 2014.
    • Abhinav Jha and Arindam Datta went for 6 weeks Social Entrepreneurship Project  at Saint Petersburg State University of Trade & Economics December 2014 – January 2015.
    • Aditya Pawaiya and Ihsaan Majid went for 6 weeks in Alexandria, Egypt.  They were involved with HR-REVOLUTION - a Business Magazine based out of Middle East . They conducted interviews of start-ups founders from India for their Magazine. They also managed their website content and design. 
    • Raktim Konwar, Rishiban Gogoi, Sourav Kheria and Ripunjoy  Ronghang of PGDM batch 2015-17 are undergoing  8 weeks Internship in Giza , Egypt . Their Internship duration is 15th May - 12th July 2016. They would be working with ABDA Creative.  Abda is a creative advertising and marketing agency with young and ambitious employees, Abda is providing full Marketing and advertising campaigns and consultation services since 1993.  The internship focus is to introduce new Teaching and Culture education strategies and working with ABDA to develop its ideas.

Six Month International Internship 

    • Arindam Datta of PGDM Batch (2014-16) is undergoing 6  months International Internship with Aquafresh Ghana Ltd. in Accra, Ghana. He is working as Warehouse Manager wherein he is  getting an opportunity to work in a multicultural environment, learn effective records and stock keeping and would be able to develop interpersonal, networking, adaptation, training and organizational among other skills. Aquafresh Ltd is a Ghanaian company involved in the business of manufacture & marketing of packaged food products & non-alcoholic beverages offering high value for money for the West African markets.
    • Abhinav Jha of PGDM Batch (2014-16) is undergoing  6 months International Internship with Giantlok Co., Ltd., Taichung, Taiwan. He is working as Marketing & Business Expansion Manager wherein he is  performing the following tasks:
      1. Investigations of every economic indicator of Southeast Asia (Including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Singapore
      2. Making a survey of each of the web content of the Thai dealers.
      3. Assist to prepare all the international marketing documents.
      4. Translation of emails sent from client and other client communication.
      5. Produce regular market intelligence newsletter and manage the market intelligence portal.
      6. Regularly monitor and report market trends, and news/actions key competitors.
      7. Other market research related tasks.