• Established in 1992, NDIM is committed to impart the highest quality of education and exposure to help develop the next generation of business leaders with global outlook and capability of adapting to the fast changing business environment of India and the world at large. By introducing new specialization areas and adopting an innovative pedagogy, the institute has been constantly working to develop professionals with vision, courage and dedication to initiate and manage the change.

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S.No. Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr. Tripti Desai (Ph.D) Professor
2 Dr. Hamideen Sha (Ph.D) Professor
3 Prof. Arun Kumar Professor
4 Prof. Capt. Alok Bansal Professor(Adjunct)
5 Prof. Nikesh Jain Associate Professor
6 Dr Madhu Jasola Associate Prof. (Adjunct)
7 Prof. Bhumika Bansal Associate  Professor
8 Prof. Rishi Mehra Associate Professor (Adjunct)
9 Dr. Chand Tandon (Ph.D) Associate Professor
10 Dr. Vigya Garg (Ph.D) Associate professor
11 Dr. Vinita Sharma (Ph.D) Associate Professor
12 Dr.Saroj Gulati (Ph.D) Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
13 Dr Sushma Murlie (Ph.D) Assistant Professor(Adjunct)
14 Prof. Damanjit Virk  Assistant Professor
15 Prof. Surinder Singh Khullar Assistant  Professor
16 Prof. Vijaya Nagrani Assistant Professor
17 Prof. Soumitra Mookherjee Assistant Professor
18 Prof. Vineet Vishnu Assistant Professor
19 Prof. Jasleen Bindra Assistant Professor
20 Prof. Nitesh Chand Prasad Assistant Professor
21 Prof. Vinay Kumar Assistant Professor
22 Prof. Sharmila Agnihotri Assistant Professor
23 Prof. Rachna Agrawal Assistant Professor
24 Prof. Monica Arora  Assistant Professor
S.No. Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr. Gajendra Sharma (Ph.D.) Professor
2 Air Marshal P.K. Roy Professor (Adjunct)
3 Dr. Amit Nagpal (Ph.D) Associate  Professor 
4 Dr. Sarika Tomar Associate Professor
5 Dr. Rinku Sharma Dixit (Ph.D) Associate Professor
6 Prof. Monika Nijhawan Assistant Professor
7 Prof. Manika Gupta Assistant Professor
8 Prof. Manushi Mishra Assistant Professor
9 Prof. Manmeet Kaur Assistant Professor
S.No. Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr.Gauri Modwel (Ph.D) Director  Professor
2 Lt. Gen (Dr.) Mukesh Sabharwal (Ph.D) Professor (Adjunct)
3 Dr.Sombala Ningthoujam (Ph.D.) Professor 
4 Prof. Veena Kumar Professor
5 Prof. VM Bansal Professor
6 Prof. Prem Nath  Professor 
7 Prof.  Dr. Meena Agarwal  Professor (Adjunct)
8 Prof. Anil Kamboj  Associate Professor 
9 Prof.Teena Singh Associate Professor 
10 Dr. Ritu Talwar (Ph.D.) Associate Professor 
11 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali (Ph.D.) Associate Professor 
12 Dr. Sangeeta Yadav (Ph.D.) Associate Professor (Adjunct)
13 Dr. Avijit Chakravarti (Ph.D.)  Associate Professor 
14 Dr. Pratika Mishra (Ph.D.) Associate Professor 
15 Ambassador Prof. (Dr.)S.K. Goel (Ph. D.) Associate Professor(Adjunct) 
16 Prof. Dr. Shivani Kapoor (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
17 Prof. Rashi Aggarwal Assistant  Professor
18 Prof. Mala Chaudhary Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
19 Prof. Ravindra Chawla Assistant Professor 
20 Prof. Ravish Roshan Assistant Professor
21 Prof. Shailee Chaudhury Assistant Professor 
22 Prof. Praveen Malik Assistant Professor 
23 Prof. Ruchi Arora Assistant Professor 
24 Prof. Sangeeta Magan Assistant Professor 
25 Prof. Neha Seth Assistant Professor 
26 Prof. Kamal Kundra  Assistant Professor 
27 Prof. Priyanka Tiwari Assistant Professor 
28 Prof. Vishal Gupta Assistant Professor 
29 Prof. Arijit Mani Tripathi Assistant Professor 
30 Prof. Sanjay  Singh Assistant Professor 
31 Prof. Shubhra Samadar Assistant Professor 
32 Prof. Vrinda Agrawal  Assistant Professor