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Biggest Recruiters Gathering at NDIM

NDIM hosted another high forum meet with 41 most sought-after MBA recruiters which included the names like KPMG, TCS, Reliance etc. at the IHC on 25th November. This is part of NDIMs continuing effort to strength its industry relationship and expand the recruiter base.

Corporate stalwarts who attended the NDIM Forum included the CEOs, MDs, Presidents, DGs, Partners, VPs, HR Heads, Senior Bureaucrats, Army Generals, Ambassadors namely : Sanjay Sen, Avantha; Ratiranjan Mandal, SREI; Arun Rawal, Reliance Ind Ltd.; Smriti Ahuja, Cognizant; Rajiv Kapoor, G4S Corporate Services (India); Prashant Srivastava, Greenlam; Vipul Rathore, KPMG; Sanjeev Srivastava, KPMG; Jatin Sabharwal, KPMG; Rahul Jain, Uflex Ltd; Major General, G.K. Nischol; Harpreet Datta, Princton Review; Sreerupa Sil, Business World; Niva Bhandari, MDI; Mahaveer Singhvi, Ministry of External Affairs; Vikash Chandra Choubey, Axis Bank; Shailesh Vikram Singh, Seed Fund; Deepak Malhotra, Business World; Vijay Mehta, Mefcom & India Romania Chamber of Commerce; Gaurav Nagar, WIPRO; Alok Dhimri, Ministry of External Affairs; Jitender Chaudhary, KPMG; Kamal Singh, DG, NHRD; Arun Taneja, Tata Consultancy Services; Nishchae Suri, KPMG India; Arun Bhati, ORAHI; Pankaj Mehrotra, Ceasefire; Vivek Kumar, Aircel; Sandeep Kumar, Sodexo; Vishwa Prakash, IBM; Shamik Mani, Rotary; Anjali Sachdeva, Groupe SEB India Ltd.; Kalyan Kumar, E-com Xpress; Subhankar Ghose, Zoom Insurance Brokers; Dong Sung Pak, Hyosung; Satish Sharma, Secretary General, IRKFS.

Corporate leaders appreciated the skill set of NDIM students and its’ pedagogy. The industry leaders reiterated their commitment to assist NDIM in syllabi enrichment, guest lectures, acting as student mentors, engaging students in meaningful summer internship projects, complete hand-holding of MBA students to steer their career progression, teaching modules & courses at NDIM, thus bringing immense industry support to PGDM student fraternity at NDIM. The event was steered and moderated by Nishchae Suri, Partner & Head of the KPMG Academy.

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